Tuesday, January 3, 2012

District status for Siliguri

The demand for a separate state of Gorkhaland (to be carved out of West Bengal) has risen once again in the Darjeeling hills in-spite of the recent administrative setup of the Gorkha Territorial Administration (GTA). This calls for fresh trouble in the hills and reminds me of the politics played by some Gorkha leaders in creating differences between Gorkhas and Bengalis in the past. Though i firmly believe that the demand for separate Gorkhaland state cannot be totally ruled out; I also strongly believe Siliguri has nothing to do with Gorkhaland or the recent GTA setup and that Siliguri subdivision should be made a separate district.

City Centre Siliguri
Developing Siliguri: City Centre Mall
Siliguri (শিলিগুড়ি) is the 32nd metropolitian city of India according to the 2011 census data.  Its a thriving city and bustling business centre which should not be halted by strikes or protests and in no sense the development of the city should be hampered. Prevalence of peace and unity among the residents is of utmost importance. The only solution to maintain peace and harmony in Siliguri is by the formation of a separate Siliguri District (শিলিগুড়ি জেলা).

Siliguri DistrictThe new Siliguri District (শিলিগুড়ি জেলা) should comprise of the complete Siliguri Subdivision (শিলিগুড়ি মহকুমা) which consists of Siliguri Municipal Corporation and four community development blocks namely: Matigara, Naxalbari, Phasidewa and Kharibari. The formation of this new Siliguri District will accelerate the rate of development and bring about peace in the region. Thus, it will no more be a political playground for the political outfits such as the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) and the Bangla O Bangla Bhasha Bachao Committee (BOBBC). 

Like it or not- the fact today is pretty clear: Signs of Bengal has been erased from the Gorkha dominated Darjeeling district over the years. Thus, the separation of the Bengali dominated Siliguri Subdivision from the present Darjeeling district would provide more homogeneity to the remaining Darjeeling Disctrict- which would comprise of the three hill subdivisions of Darjeeling, Kurseoung and Kalimpong. Thus, Siliguri will be off limits for the Gorkha Agitations, which will bring the much awaited peace back in the region and the city corporation will therefore be able to focus on the developmental issue which is for the benefit of all.


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