Saturday, October 15, 2011

Pledge to Celebrate Cracker-free Diwali

Celebrating Green Diwali | Image courtesy: Rang-Decor
Diwali which is the contraction of the word Deepawali (দীপাবলি) is known as the “Festival of Light”; today we are at a stage when a section of our society is all set to change the meaning of Deepawali, i.e. to transform Diwali from being the “Festival of Light” into “Festival of Bombs”. In Bengal Deepavali signifies "Kali Puja" and it is a one day festival. Traditionally in Bengal nothing new is worn or bought as well as no new ventures are started on Diwali.

Every year when Diwali comes environmentalists, medical experts and some social activists raise their voice and warn us of the ill effects of firecrackers, and majority of the people just ignore these warnings and go around bursting crackers!

It’s time for us to make a difference; it’s time for all of us to unite and shun firecrackers. It’s time for us to show “We Care”! Care for our environment, our elderly citizens and babies, our unwell fellow-humans, our pets, the numerous poor-people who can’t afford a onetime meal and more precisely for our own health and our future generations. Let’s all pledge to celebrate “Green Diwali”!

It’s time that we completely stop this fire Cracker menace…! Yes, you read it right Completely stop... No ‘Fuljharis’ or ‘Fountain’ or ‘Charkhis’ also as they cause the maximum air pollution moreover every year several kids end up in burning their hand due to the misuse of these crackers. The only cracker that can be advocated for is the “Rocket” as it beautifies the Diwali Skyline.

If you hate the words- “Terrorists” and “Bombs” and the two very well resemble each other; then why do you start loving the “Bombs” during Diwali? We all know it’s so difficult to walk freely or drive a car or ride a bike peacefully on Diwali night because there are kids, adults and everyone bursting crackers on the Roads and the fear remains that the bombs can blast under your car or bike; Yes, this is  sort of terrorism to the people who are driving! It’s their life at stake, and practically numerous such accidents are reported every year during Diwali. If you hate Terrorists and their Bomb-blasts then Stop Bombing Diwali from now !

The noisy crackers sledgehammer our ear drums which may result in temporary or complete hearing loss or even injure the nervous system! It’s a terrible time for aged people, babies and patients because the noise affects them the most.

Diwali is the only festival that scares the shit out of the four legged inhabitants; you might have seen your tuffy-tommy-jimmy running under the bed, chair or sofa for sure! It’s an extreme torture for them because of their high sensitive hearing ability, the deafening sound of crackers hurt their little brains and they stop eating-drinking and totally freak out for few days.

The celebration of Diwali can be done peacefully by lighting our houses with “Deeps” or “Dias”.  Instead of literally Burning Money by bursting Firecrackers; it’s better to spend this money on noble causes. Let’s redefine Diwali celebration and celebrate cracker-free Diwali, after all any celebration can’t be at the cost of the environment and general health!

General awareness among the people about the ill effects of firecrackers is of utmost importance and simultaneously All Fire-Crackers should be Banned and this ban should be implemented stictly. We the youth, have the power to bring the change- the Change for a Better Tomorrow.

We are fortunate that West Bengal (Poschim Bongo) is the only state in India to have a Noisy(more than 90 dB measured at a distance of 5m from the point of bursting) Crackers Ban. But, its shameful that organizations like The International Marwari Association are protesting against the Cracker Ban!

So on this Diwali Say "NO" to Fire Crackers and Say "Yes" to Life ! Be a responsible citizen.
Wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous "Green Diwali".


  1. Diwali is an aspicious festive of joy and happiness.Lets all come together and take the pledge for smoke free deepavali.

  2. @Rashmi
    Thanks :-)
    Well Said, lets hope that our future Diwali's will be more ECO-FRIENDLY.

  3. Its A Very noisy Diwali ! Full of Smoke in Pune, India.

  4. @Prokash  Das: Apnar Mot bhed thakte pare... kintu amra shadheen deshe thaki... sokoler nijer montobbo thakte pare..  Ar Jodi apni amar bicharer biruddhe.. tar mane ei noy je apni "Oshleel" bhasar proyog korben..!Ar jukti die kotha rakhun.. shudhu galagal korle to kono point siddho hoy na. !

  5. Say no to fire crackers and loud noise. Diwali is the festival of
    lights; not noise and pollution. Let’s keep our country green and clean
    this Diwali. Make this Diwali a green Diwali.